Living Without Limits Living Large Inc. - "A Place where HIV Positive Heterosexuals Can Thrive"
About Us
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. Living Without Limits, Living Large is a Houston,TX Support Group. 
We create an atmosphere where heterosexual people infected and affected with the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS can embrace everyday life with new beginnings and expectations. 
We empower individuals to stretch outside of the box, reach forward to the future, reach back to help others, enlarge their territory, teaching them there are no limits nor boundaries to the future in store for them. 
We assist individuals to reach their hidden potential, to unlock, discover and activate their purpose for living.
  We Challenge and inspire individuals to stand up and live life with meaning and effort.
Montrose Center
1st Floor, Room 114
401 Brandard Street
Houston, Texas 77006
 Mailing  Address
Living Without Limits Living Large Inc.
6205 Los Angeles St. 
Houston, Texas 77026
 Phone-Kalvin @ 713-303-5421
Phone Rodney @ 713-518-8747
 We have meetings every Friday evening between 6:30 P.M-8:30 P.M.
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