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Cecilia Ligons is a grandmother, mother, business owner, community leader and ordained woman of faith. She is a native of Houston, Texas. She graduated from High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in 1986. Ms. Ligons has traveled the world and served her country in the US Army.

Cecilia graduated the College of Biblical Studies Houston with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Biblical Counseling.  Cecilia  graduated with honors with a 3.7gpa.

Cecilia has served as a member of the Ryan White Planning Council for eighteen years and is the first HIV+ African American female to be elected as chair of the Council.

She is a graduate of local and national training programs for HIV+ women. Ms. Ligons was awarded the 2010 GiGi Nicks Leadership Award given by the AIDS Alliance for Women, Infants, Children, Youth and Families located in Washington D.C.

She founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Living Without Limits Living Large, an HIV/AIDS heterosexual support and referral group, in January 2006.

2005-2007 Chair, People with AIDS Coalition - Houston CAB

2005-2008 Member, Ryan White Part D Project CAB

2005 Co-facilitator, Priority & Allocations process for Part B and State Services funding

2005-2015 Facilitator, Veteran Administration HIV Health Education Group

2006-present, Member, Houston Ryan White Planning Council

2006-2008 Newsletter Editor, Region-wide Consumer Advisory Committee

2006-present, Founder, Living Without Limits Living Large, an HIV/AIDS heterosexual support & referral group

2010-2012 Member of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease HIV Vaccine Education Initiative

2011-2012 Member Black Treatment Advocate Network

2011-2014, Chair, Texas Black Women’s Initiative-Houston Team. Currently, active member

2012, Peer educator, NMAC’s Treatment, Education, Adherence and Mobilization Program

2012-present, The Texas HIV Syndicate (statewide HIV planning group)

2013, Initiated the first and only Heterosexual HIV/AIDS Conference in Houston

2014-present, Member, Positive Women’s Network

2014-2015, Mentor/Facilitator, AIDS United Positive Organizing Project (POP) Pilot Program

2015-Present Member, Houston Medical Monitoring Project Community Advisory Board

2015 Selected as one of The POZ 100 Long-term survivors Community Leaders

2016-2020 Vice Chair Change Happens Heterosexual Consumer Advisory Board

2016 Inducted into 2020 Leading Women Society

2017 Chair of the Ryan White Planning Council Houston

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Living Without Limits Living Large Inc. was founded in January 2006. Cecilia Ligons was diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and AIDS in 2000. Like many diagnosed before her, Mrs. Ligons lived in denial of the disease until 2003. Her resolve was to "suffer in silence, no one needed to know".

Mrs. Ligons' renewed passion is to help those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, with special emphasis on the heterosexual individuals.  

Mrs. Ligons' personal mission is to thrive to ensure that no one living with or affected by HIV/AIDS suffers alone. She also wishes to share hope, inspire vision, encourage others to dream, and move forward with purpose.

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